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Driven by the thrill of adventure, the excitement of new things, new places, new sights- yet I-5 scares the crap out of me, haha. We are surrounded by natural beauty everyday, even in the city there are bits and pieces of beautiful sights to be seen. Sunrises, sunsets, mountains, beaches, waterfalls, trails galore... let me be your guide.

Born in Wenatchee, WA and raised in Cashmere, WA in graduating class of 2013, only 112 students. I have since moved on to a whole new community. Monroe, WA... population is roughly 20,209 and growing. There's farmers markets, rivers, hiking, the Evergreen Fair Grounds home of the Evergreen State Fair and the Evergreen Speedway. This new city has plenty to do but still feels like home.

When I graduated, I thought that I would go into the graphic design course at CWU but I wasn't ready to leave home so I started out in the medical field. I got my First Aide, CPR and HCA (Home Care Aide) license followed by my nurse delegation- essential a CNA. I started with in home care and then worked into assisted living facilities. The birth of my son really kicked photography into gear for me and I jumped at it.

My family of four enjoys lots of things but we all really love food and I really love to cook and try new recipes. I'm pretty sure our youngest has a thought about snacks practically every 30 seconds of every single day but who the hell doesn't though? Ask me 'bout my BBQ ribs. My smoker is one of the best investments I have ever made. 

Free time... I don't think I know the exact definition... however, if I had any (free time that is), I would spend it on my dirt bike, hunting, paddle boarding or maybe even boating. Traveling and seeing new places is not just a hobby- it feeds my soul. I once traveled around the entire Puget Sound, over to Forks and around the Olympic National Park up to Port Angeles in one whole day- ferry ride and all.

Do you like to have a little fun? Do you have a favorite curse word? Do you like a little whiskey in your sour? Little bit of 90's music? I think we will be the perfect match - even without some of those things. I'm more than a photographer, anytime, anywhere- I'm your hype girl - your new best friend! Let's get out there!

My process is rather simple, easy and laid back. Never had photos done before? Thats okay, I got you covered with my "Info and More" that you will receive the week of your session. If we're not having fun, we are doing it wrong. Laugh, smile, play, tickle... stop drop and roll! The point I'm trying to make is there's plenty to do, just have fun and relax. We can create something beautiful and meaningful... let's go!

How I create...

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What to expect?

As we approach your session date, I'll be checking the weather and making sure that we are good to go. I will also be sending you an "Info & More" email with what to's and how to's included.

Don't know what to wear? That's okay. Typically, I like to encourage a more relaxed casual look- jeans and a solid color top work really nice together. Sundresses & hats. Blue, green, white, brown and black are my go to colors. They blend nicely into my editing style.

Need a location recommendation? I have you covered. I have multiple pins on my map for easy reference but if you want something new and exciting, we can do that too.

What time of day do photos take place? I like to aim for an early golden hour session which usually means we start about 2 hours before sunset depending on your session length and location.

Can I bring my dog? Yes. I am more than happy to have your fur-baby join us. There is some criteria that comes with that though. They need to have been ran out earlier in the day so they're not a HUGE ball of energy and of course bring anything that might motivate them to give me their attention will be appreciated- such as treats, squeaker toy, ball, etc.

Children 101

Pets 101

Fashion 101

Random Facts

  1. I love Cody Johnson more than anyone will ever realize- I hope to meet him one day.
  2. I have met and photographed the voice of "Nemo" from the movie "Finding Nemo"
  3. Coffee is my vice & wine is my saving grace... somewhere in there is water.
  4. I can absolutely live without pizza.
  5. Gyros are my go to dinner when I've had a long day. Full of all the good things.
  6. My dad gifted me with the knowledge of driving a manual transmission.
  7. I am semi mechanically inclined- a "youtube mechanic" if you will.
  8. I LOVE JEANS more than leggings.
  9. 5am in the orchards is where I spent a good portion of my summers as a child.
  10. The only purse I own has cow print and fringe.



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